• Image of Remains in a view - Elegies CD

Produced by Alessandro Gavazzi at Hell Smell Studios (To Kill, Locked In, Bedtime for Charlie, Startoday) mixed by Massimiliano Canali & Gabriele Ravaglia at Fear Studio(Extrema,Helia) and mastered by Alessandro Vanara (Disarmonia mundi,Slowmotion Apocalypse,Stigma) the new album of Remains In A View is a sort of natural evolution of metal sounds who travel beetween aggression,melody and pure energy. Artwork by Davide Mancini (www.dart-works.com). Passionate and visceral, "Elegies" has all the credentials to thrill fans of August Burns Red,The Ghost Inside and Darkest Hour.


01-The void
02-Shipwreck of existence
03-So far from the truth
04- Crossing the line
05-As moments becomes memories
06-Sleepwalker blues
07-Left Undone
09-The deepest black